We Welcome Nervous Patients at Ambience Dental Practice in Swindon

At Ambience Dental Practice, the ethos is delivering dental care with a sympathetic, supportive and understanding manner. We do recognise that many patients are nervous when they attend the dentist. We strive to put all of our patients at ease, and work in cooperation with our patients to provide the necessary dental care. In the vast majority of cases, nervous patients are placed at ease and are able to be provided with their necessary dental care.

Sometimes, this is not always possible to achieve, and we do work in close association with referral centres based in Swindon, such as Great Western Hospital, Swindon Dental Anaesthetic Clinic and UKSH in Cirencester, which are equipped with the necessary sedation facilities and support protocols to carry out the necessary treatments.

You as a nervous patient can be reassured that with careful consultation with your attending dental surgeon, that the appropriate referral will be made whenever necessary to ensure a comfortable, satisfactory experience, and that your dental needs are completely provided for.