Swindon Dental Practice Policies

Dentist Preference

You can express a preference about which dentist you will see. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the request is met, but this is not always possible. Should you wish to express a preference of Practitioner, please state who you would like to be seen by when booking your appointment.

Patients with Disabilities

We endeavor to see all patients and our practice can be accessed by patients with disabilities. If you have any disabilities that you think we need to know, please give us a call at the practice before your appointment and we will do our best to put suitable arrangements in place to accommodate you. We have use of a lift should anyone wish to use this, please call prior to your appointment a arrangements will be made to escort you to the practice.

Missed Appointments or Late Cancellations

Missing appointments and cancelling at short notice wastes time and resources which are needed for other patients. Our practice policy is that if, on more than one occasion, patients cancel with less that 2 working days notice, or not attend an appointment, then we may no longer be able to offer NHS treatment. We will of course take any special circumstances into account. We will still be able to offer private dental care.

Violent or Abusive Patients

Patients who are violent or abusive to the practice personnel, or to other patients, or anyone else on the practice premises will be refused treatment and report to the appropriate authorities.

Payment Methods

We accept the following methods of payment at the practice:

All major debit cards
All major credits cards

(credit cards carry a nominal charge)

Complaints Procedures

Please click here to download a copy of our complaints procedures.