Laser Teeth Whitening
Before & After Results

What Is Laser Teeth Whitening?

While it’s not plastic surgery, laser teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic dental procedure that shows significant improvement to your teeth’ brightness — up to 10 shades brighter. Bleach is applied to each tooth while a LED specialist light source enhances its effectiveness, which ultimately speeds up the process, leading to quick, dramatic results.

How Does Laser Whitening Work?

It’s not a long process, but it is precise. Check out the step-by-step breakdown below:


  • The color and shade of your existing teeth are determined using a shade indicator.
  • A picture of your teeth is taken to see a before/after comparison.
  • Your lips are coated with a protective SPF lotion containing moisturizers.
  • A cheek retractor is inserted into the mouth, and cotton rolls are placed under the lips.


  • A protective coating is placed over the gums to protect your mouth and gums from the bleaching gel.
  • A bleaching gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide and thickening agents is applied to the front of your teeth to keep the solution on the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Patients must sit still as a bleaching light or laser will shine onto the teeth to activate the bleaching process.
  • Some whitening systems consist of three 15-minute sessions in one sitting.
  • The gauze and the liquid dam materials will be monitored between sessions to ensure that the mouth’s soft tissues are safe and dry.


  • After the treatment, avoid certain food and drinks for a few days as the pores of enamel are more susceptible to absorbing stains (lipstick, coffee, soda, etc.) and sensitive to cold food items (ice cream, cold beverages, etc.)

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